F4STTarladan Çatala Gıda Güvenliği

About F4ST?


F4ST - acronym has been composed of the initials of “From Farm to Fork Food Safety Training”.

F4ST, is a vocational training programme developed by 6 EU member countries in scope of an LLP Leonardo da Vinci Project (TR/06/B/F/PP-178050). F4ST aims to educate food safety specialists who have good knowledge about food safety and perceiving food safety as a whole.

The EU’s primary concern is to improve the health and well being of European citizens through higher quality and safe food. To achieve this goal an efficient and effective food control system, along the food chain, should be established and implemented.

The guarantee of food safety and quality as well as traceability of the food products along the food chain is the principal demand of the consumers. Furthermore, food safety is one of the main concerns for the food industry and public health systems. Food Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Veterinary Surgeons, Chemists, etc. working in food safety area in Turkey, EU member states and in the other countries have no special training on food safety with a whole “from farm to fork” approach. Therefore, F4ST food safety specialist training programme has been developed with “from farm to fork” approach.


The aims of F4ST:

  1. to fill the gaps for each profession with a common “from farm to fork” approach, to cover the whole food safety measures, EU regulations and the total quality management methodology integrating the needs of EU countries in accordance with identification of new qualification needs
  2. to enhance the qualifications and skills of food safety specialists from different professions in order to make all EU food producing plants (including SMEs) compatible with and conforming to the present EU regulations on food safety
  3. to be easily accessible to people from different professions working in food sector of different EU countries.


F4ST Developer Organizations:

EU Leonardo da Vinci Training Programme Consortium Members:

Kalite Sistem Laboratories Group, Turkey (Coordinator)
Agrarian Technological Institute Of Castilla And Leon, Spain
Advancity, Turkey
Craft Chambers of Lublin, Poland (silent partner)
Hotel and Restaurant Training Centre, Latvia
Précon Food Management BV, Netherlands
The International Centre for HACCP Innovation - University of Salford, UK
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Turkey (silent partner)
Thessaloniki Technology Park, Greece
Turkish Food Safety Association, Turkey (auditing partner)