F4STTarladan Çatala Gıda Güvenliği

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Anybody who is working in food sector and wants to be a food safety specialist can participate in this programme.
There is no restriction for participation, however food engineer, food technician, agricultural engineer, veterinary surgeon, chemical and fishery engineers, nutritionist and chemists will highly benefit from F4ST programme. The senior students of these professions can also attend this training programme.

How can I benefit from this certificate programme?

Participants who complete F4ST programme that developed by international expert organizations successfully deserve to receive Food Safety Specialist Certificate.

When can I register to the programme?

Participants who complete registration procedure can register to the programme anytime through the internet

In order to benefit from this certificate programme, which trainings must I have? Is there a prerequisite?

Even though there is no prerequisite and restriction for participation, F4ST programme is highly recommended for food engineer, food technician, agricultural engineer, veterinary surgeon, chemical and fishery engineers, nutritionist and chemists who have food background.

Which topics are covered?

F4ST programme includes all of the food safety subjects with from farm to fork concept. There are 10 modules, and 76 lessons in the programme. For further information, please click on.

How long does the program take to complete?

The username and password will be valid for 6 months. You are expected to complete the programme within this period.

What is the fee of the distance training programme?

The fee of international accepted certificate programme is € 400 (VAT included).

Can I view program free of charge?

For watching demo of F4ST program, please click on.

Will there be exams during the programme?

During the programme, 9 exams in total -1 exam at the end of each module- will be taken by participants. In case that, participants could not get the passing grade, the repetition of the module and the exam is requested.

How can I monitor my achievement?

To be regarded as successful in F4ST programme, it is requested to take minimum 60/100 in each module final exam. Participants can follow their grades from "Show Grade" section by using the menu tools in the training web page.

When will I deserve a certificate?

Participants who get the passing grade (min 60/100) from the exams at the end of 9 modules deserve to receive certificate. Participants who completed the training programme and the exams successfully within 6 months (the period that username and password are active) can contact F4ST Student Office and receive their certificates.

Does every participant deserve certificate?

There is no guaranty for all participants who are enrolled in F4ST programme for taking certificate. Providing the necessary criteria of success from modules’ exams is a basis to deserve the certificate.

How well accepted is the certificate?

F4ST Food Safety Specialist Certificate is valid in every area of food safety. This certificate will make a great contribution for your business life. The accreditation studies of F4ST programme developed by being piloted on 2179 participants from 52 different countries were started.

Can the programme be reached globally?

F4ST distance training programme can be accessed whenever and wherever wanted.

In which languages this program is available?

F4ST Programme was developed in two languages: English and Turkish. You can register for one of these languages.

Which source can I use for refreshing my knowledge?

The book version of F4ST Programme was developed in 2 volumes. The price of the book is € 85 (VAT included). Please click on for request.

How can I reach you for further information?

You can get in contact with F4ST Student Office through our contact information.