F4STTarladan Çatala Gıda Güvenliği

Distance Learning  Certificate Programme

F4ST - From Farm to Fork Food Safety Specialist Training is a certificate program giving opportunity of online training

Today, continuous self improvement is crucial fact for each individual. The content of From Farm to Fork Food Safety Specialist Distance Learning Certificate Programme answering the demand of people in business word for reaching correct and sufficient information easily was prepared to provide specialization in food safety.

The Scope of F4ST Training Programme:

The curriculum of F4ST – From Farm to Fork Food Safety Specialist Training Programme consists of 9 modules and 76 lectures. Upon the completion, participants will be fully equipped with multidisciplinary information regarding food quality and food safety.

F4ST Training Programme has a structure having Turkish and English 2 sound recorded versions, evaluating the knowledge via exams at the end of the modules and giving opportunity to complete the certificate program within 6 months. Each module consists:

  • Outline of the module
  • Lecture notes (with sound recordings)
  • References and further reading options
  • Comprehensive sample questions-answers
  • The Module Exam

In order to be regarded as successful in F4ST programme, minimum 60/100 grade should be obtained from each module exam.

Some slides in the lectures have been marked as “optional readings” since they contain further specialized information. It is strongly recommended to review their contents although participants will not be responsible for the optional readings in the module exams.